"The Maintainer" — Game Technical Maps

Game saves can be made either:
A-Any moment, any place except unstable positions (crouching, laying down, jumping, hanging, running, walking, driving fast, scenes playing out, conversations and some small others.) B-Certain places Hynry has put an icon to sometimes warn of danger. these are special communicate stations as well, talk to characters here? C-Before and after stages D-Before going into dreams E-After dreams heading to dream station F-At dream station G-After completing the game?

- Captions can be turned on or off, they are white lettering outlined in black, no character specs unless they are off screen or there are more then one.

- Dual shock can be turned on or off

- Adjust screen brightness and location

- Game pauses goes to same pause screen, options, saves, stats, etc...


-2 two path scenarios
-Play as Larry searching for Selene until he gets injured
-Play as Selene until she reaches injured Larry
-Two: after Selene helping Larry section:
-Play Terner clearing a path or preparing escape
-Play Ereby clearing a path or preparing escape.

-At one point in the dream Selene must help Larry through a level. He is wounded and cannot walk on his own, (left or right leg?) Selene must help him through the level.
-He can fire a gun, but just a hand gun (have user decide?)
-Player can have Larry sit, stand, or lean some where to investigate aspects solo
-He will try to hide from enemies
-His arm around Selene's shoulder, she will have one hand occupied. She will be able to fire a gun helping him along. -They can only run fast at risk of injuring him further
-He tries not to be a burden knowing they must escape
-Hold down a button to assist
-Have enemies or Phobet go after Larry?


-While racing, Selene can order Nyssy to fire weapons at other cars. Or Selene can fire weapons while Nyssy drive and takes orders, (up to player)
-Terner and Ereby are in a helicopter, they can give information, and support. (Possibly in the case that an enemy car gets out of range they fly in to Direct.)
-Map available for "streets"

---- Stages----

-REM sleep is when the dream takes place
-Non-REM sleep is the period of time when the characters are in a "black" area where they are lighted but there is no light. (Appears to be from above)
-Non- REM sleep can happen before or after a dream
-In Non-REM sleep the characters are in their normal dress.

----Music Director (???)-----

-Have special option screen and/or Level that has player determine which pre mixed song or music score to use with the dream.
-After they beat the game?
-Pre game start quiz having game engine calculate personality matches for the number of pre mixed songs.
-Have plain musical score, 3 or 4 song choices, (just sound effects?)

  ----Dream ignition---

Selene's dream ignition can happen one of 3 ways.
-If she is in the lounge, Hynry can send her into ignition
-If she walks through the dream ignition barrier in the main dream station room
-If she is given a shot with the sedation gun
However, when Selene enters Dream ignition, she always goes through a period of freeze. If she is walking through the dream ignition barrier it happens while in the barrier, saving time and keeping her alert in non-REM.


Before each Non-REM stage starts, the Dream title is displays in the center of the screen, play music bite that's been chosen for level. Change font?


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