"The Maintainer" — Scene Scripts

--- Non-REM sleep----

Selene: But why where you the only one who tried to stop him? What? You guys don't work in teams?

Terner: 'You hold I punch' would of worked well enough for me.

Cleo: We are not of the physical, unless our spiritual influence can change things, we are near helpless. That's why I have been here when I have.

Selene: But he is using physical now,

Memosyne: he is corrupt; he doesn't even know what he is anymore.

This news didn't seem to reassure them.

Cleo tries to enter a calm like state to cool the tension around her.

Cleo: I believed that I was the only one equipped with enough knowledge to even try to make sense to him.

Memosyne: History is our only fact; we have seen such over baring plans that have always ended with flames. Humans will not be controlled, yet it is all they want.

Cleo: He could never see that, I even tried to show him his own past, but he is blind now, he tastes control with every action you perform.

Selene listens to their wisdom knowing it makes sense but it does not rid her hatred for it.


Larry: Silenced? What the hell does that mean?

Selene opens her mouth but only air comes out.

Larry: She can't speak?

Selene moves her hand to her throat and seems to strain her vocal cords into making sound, but is just driven into silent coughing.

Larry: No!

He moves to hold her jaw in his hands.

Larry: If she can't speak she won't be able to protect her self!

Selene's eyes plead with him for help, it makes him more frantic.

Terner: yeah I never liked these things.

Larry: We have to do something!

Rpign: Excuse me,

Every one stops motion and turns their head to Rpign, the RPG narrator. Larry and Terner go on the defensive while Larry positions Selene behind him, she gently lays a hand on his shoulder saying its ok and moves next to him.

Nyssy moves to the front of the group ready to attack after finishing the nymph, followed by Ereby, watched by Terner.

Nyssy: Now what? I guess these butt uglees will never stop then huh?"

Rpign looks slightly frightened but just as quickly Selene jumps forward to grab Nyssy by the arm to stop her. Nyssy looks at her as she shakes her head and points to Rpign.

Nyssy: oh yeah, and what if I have him to thank for that? (Sarcastically with anger)

Selene then takes her pointing hand back and looks unsure her self. She looks back at Rpign with unsure eyes, Nyssy with ready ones.

Shakily Rpign speaks softly with his strong aged voice. Careful not to jerk his movements he held up both palms in an almost 'I don't know' shrug and had them face towards the ceiling. A rain cloud formed in one, pouring, and a minnie tornado in the other.

Rpign: w-would you like rain?

He signaled his right hand. Looking from person to person with his eyes to see a threat, he continued.

Rpign: would you like wind?

He raises his left hand.

Terner looks confused then chuckles.

Terner: oh, you're selling magic? I should have guessed that-

Slowly, out of fear, Rpign shook his head.

Selene then seemed to be drawn to him in a serious trance. The group watched slightly perplexed. (Have player guide Selene to a hand and choose - one chance)


Rpign looks relieved and almost proud. Selene gives him a silent apology. He smiles at her with warmth, then with an air of giving a holiday present, the tornado disappears and he brings the rain in front of her. Bowing as he smiles,

Rpign: Rain it is.

With a streak of lightening and thunder the down poor starts startling everyone except Terner. Rpign disappears.

They get soaked quickly.

Nyssy: oh, well, um,

Nyssy looks around at all the dream costumes, assessing while every one looked in wonder at the sky. Then she looks at Selene and her self.

Nyssy: jeez I hope these dreams come with bras.

----Pre- plat former-

The dream station is going out of focus, but the group ignores this. Larry goes to touch Selene but there is a golden glowing boundary around her and it reflects his hand.
Larry looks at her in terror. But before anyone can act, the barrier disappears and Selene reflexes by her eyes relaxing and falling onto her hands.

Selene: eh, what?

Selene shakes her head, trying to wake her self up. Nyssy and Larry help her up. Selene is holding her forehead.

Selene: what's going on?

Terner: I don't like this.

Nyssy looks at Terner thinking he should be a little more concerned about Selene. He doesn't notice. Nyssy looks to Selene.

Nyssy: You okay? Somethin' freaky happened to you.

Selene: I feel it, its like you guys shouldn't be here....

Larry looks at Nyssy, they are clueless.

Selene assures them that she is ok to stand.

Ereby is looking around the darkness and bumps into Terner. It doesn't catch him off guard, but Ereby mumbles a nervous sorry. Larry finishes glancing around.

Larry: I don't think there is a way out of this. Did you feel that barrier that was around you?

Selene: sorta, it was like when you're in a dream, sometimes you can't move, but you can still see. It was really creepy.

Ereby: I think that guy with the blue hair did this, but he didn't seem like he wanted to hurt us.

At that moment bits of Phantas, Phobet, and Mark fade in and out of the Non-REM. Selene is the only one who sees this she points forward but before the others can follow her direction they freeze as the dream starts coming into focus.

---Plat former----
When the area comes back to focus, Selene is in costume by her self. She is in a snowy forest mountain range. Very near her is a glowing golden closed eye. She is drawn to it and touches it.

**Go through training** - in training the player is shown controls, Hynry narrates. He also describes the map. The map shows where everything is. The only thing separating Selene from her friends are obstacles.

Then Selene is the only one who can hear Hynry.

Hynry: ok, now go find your friends.


Almost like a family of liquid metal snakes, the Mech's body parts form and slither into a massive robotic soldier, typical of big robots with a samurai like helmet for a headpiece.

Selene: A giant robot?

The Mech finishes screwing on its hand and checks all functionality of its weapons that form in and out of its wrists.

Ereby: Technically it's a transformer-

Nyssy: I think we can get inside, so "technically" you can come with me to help take it apart.

Ereby rubs the back of his neck, not thrilled to travel into the gigantic monster. Nyssy grins.

Nyssy: I knew those 5 hour Saturday mornings watching anime would pay off, You boys stay here and help Selene with the out side shield.

Terner chuckles.

Terner: You got this?

Nyssy: Yeah I got this.

Terner raises his eyebrow. Selene looks between the two and smiles.

Larry notices that the Mech is searching for the party.

Larry: Time to move guys.

Nyssy grabs Ereby and runs to go around to the back of the mech.

Nyssy: We'll see you in a few.


Then suddenly, breaking from his serious stance in the middle of the room, Ray appears in disco dress as the song from earth wind and fire "boogie night" starts playing. He starts to throw down moves ala tiger from tekken 3.

They all stare in wide mouth shock,

Larry: this is what he needed to do?

He looks to Selene also in surprise.

Terner is laughing

Terner - He's a Disco Ray!

Nyssy - This is the stuff you dream about?

She is looking at Selene in comical disbelief.

In the background Ereby is grooving a little.
Ereby: hey I like it.

Selene: Hey! I have never met this guy Ray in my life,

Terner's laughs get a little louder. Nyssy goes over to him barely holding back a laugh her self. She punches him in the shoulder but he keeps laughing.

Nyssy: Hey stop laughing at her, it's not her fault she likes high-pitched men-

Terner: (stifling laughs) like a "747 baby"

Nyssy then can't hold it in anymore as she laughs with Terner, she hangs on him a little, and Terner feels this and catches himself from stopping out right. He calms down though watching Nyssy out of the corner of his eye go back over to Selene to continue what they need to do.

Selene: well the jokes on you guys because all the guys in this dream need to enter the dancing contest.

Terner & Larry: What!?
Ereby: cool.

Selene: Yeah you show these jocks Ereby!

Nyssy: Go Ereby go! Through down with those kats!

Terner and Larry look like they absolutely wont do this, have player decide if they want Larry or Terner to compete.

Have Ereby dance despite who else joins.

  ---Post- Plat former----

Selene: So I guess you didn't want to bother telling me that we where going to live my dreams?

Hynry laughed as he went over to his counsel to check on the Mass statistics.

Hynry: Oh you would of believed me?


Mark: If you get there before them you could save him.

Mark grins just un-noticeably.

Mark: If I get there before you I will kill him. Slowly, just for you.

Mark near smiles again. Selene knows all she can do is listen to the torture.

Phobet & Phantas (sing songy): We get there he dies, he gets there he dies, if you get there you will fight us and die, and we will kill him.

Selene struggles with everything to keep her voice strong.

Selene: Well,

Selene swallows.

Selene: If he is just, BAIT to you, and EVERYTHING, to me, don't you think that might make a difference?

Phobet: Bait? (chuckles) A means to a Very important end.

Phantas: And to obtain such a marvelous end, will certainly justify all means.

Selene takes a step forward speaking with low hatred.

Selene: Not even the devil would justify that.

Mark: Actually Tanner is more agreeable then you know.

Dream start


Larry: You know we can do this right?

Selene turns to face him. Taking in a breath.

Selene: Yes, we can.

Selene smiles, then it fades, she looks at him with a serious stare that almost makes him concerned. She quickly adds,

Selene: As long as you stay with me.

Knowing what she is implying, he motions to apologize, but she stops him.

Selene: Okay?


Out of the corner of his eye Terner watches in slow motion as Mark floats into the level, breaking through the fight barrier making it and him disappear. Terner looks back to the fight just as Phantas releases an energy blast towards Selene. He watches her dodge it, (player dodges the blast un-knowingly, since it is slow) then after turning red the blast catches Nyssy off guard as it breaks through the barrier and collides with her chest.

Terner turns in front of her and grabs her fore arm and back to catch her. He looks shot watching Nyssy's face go from shock to slow relaxation. He catches a sliver of her blue eyes just before they close.

Still holding her up he notices Ereby running to her side as he almost un-knowingly sets her in Ereby's lap.

Ereby: Nyssy!

She lays in his arm unresponsive, everyone still watching in shock, Selene and Larry run over and the dream exits REM. Phantas and Mark appear watching.

Selene can't accept what is happing. Terner, standing at Nyssy's feet watches Ereby feel for his sister's heartbeat.

Terner's knees buckle and his tense eyes begin to water, as he remains standing appearing to hold himself up. He knows she is gone.

Ereby: Nyssy?

Ereby barely whispers starting to choke. Slowly he moves his hand over her heart on her chest. ***Vibrate 3 weakening beats, then nothing*** Ereby feels her heart stop.

His body language at once signals to everyone in the room. Selene falls to the ground.
Larry looks at Hynry who is looking at the ground.

Ereby: Nyssy,

He speaks soft as if directly to her spirit, already questioning why she has left him. He knows he will get no reply.
Having one arm around her back he lays his head down on her inside shoulder, forehead against her chin, and breaks down into tears. His quite painful sobs get louder as he hugs him self to her body.

Selene barely crawls over to truly see that her best friend is gone and Embraces Ereby in a comforting hug making him let go, listening to his sobs as she looks at her friends still face she silently starts to cry, eyes becoming slightly red she closes her eyes and looks down letting out a few, quiet, sharp sobs clutching Ereby to her.

Terner stands watching the entire event. He shakily turns around to look at Mark and walks toward him with out stumbling, but slowly as if trying not to.

Larry and Hynry move to Ereby, Selene, and Nyssy to watch over them.

Terner, with watery intense eyes, looks strait in to Mark's.

He speaks to Mark seeing that he is assuming Terner will go after him.
Terner: Your destiny is with Selene.

Mark looks unimpressed. Not leaving Marks glare, Terner swiftly grabs Phantas's face, pulls him over, and breaks his neck. Phantas didn't have time to make a sound. His body hits the ground catching every one off guard except for Mark who remains un moved and Ereby who still with his eyes closed cringes.

Terner: He'll have to do.
(Right after Phantas falls)

With out a sound Mark looks at the people around Nyssy, making eye contact with Selene, then vanishes and the group comes out of sleeping.

Terner's chest is heaving up and down; he settles it down and seems to gather strength before turning around and walking back to the group.

Larry looks at him with concern, Terner just gives him a look of stop action and Larry comprehends. Larry bends down and helps Selene up with Ereby in her arms holding him self around the torso. Hynry walks to his monitor to "check" on things.
Terner kneels to Nyssy's side and slowly gathers her in his arms. Her head falls against his chest and he gazes upon it. He shuts his eyes momentarily then looks forward with an inner struggle look on his face.

Slowly he takes her to the "treatment" area and sets down on a gurney, he is careful to make sure her arms aren't hanging down. Swallowing he goes to get a cover sheet for her body. The others are in the transition room.

Carefully Terner covers her body neatly with the sheet stopping just before her head.

He gases at her one last time. Then up to the ceiling staring at the night sky through the sky light. With out looking at her he covers her completely. His eyes are soft and watery and he is clenching his teeth to hold back his emotion.

Terner: I got you.


Back in the session room Ereby signals to Selene he is ok and she lets go of him. Larry still has Selene by the shoulders looking to her in concern. She seems in a daze and walks towards Hynry.

Selene: What happened?

She asks gently. Looking to him with strain.

He almost anticipated her question and rubs the back of his neck.
Hynry: I don't know.

Selene: (Louder) What?

Hynry: Something changed the way of the fighting in the dream.

Selene: (angrier that there where no answers, not specifically at Hynry) Well what did this then?

Hynry looks like he is about to reply. But then Terner comes back.

Selene looks to him, being careful to not direct anger at him.

Terner speaks very somber.

Terner: I saw him come into the fight; he made the barrier disappear when he moved.

Larry: Who?

Terner looks to Larry then Selene.

Terner: Mark.

This deals Selene a crushing blow. She backs away shaking her head.

Selene: No! He didn't! I would have stopped him! He ca-.

She grabs her head in frustration.

Selene: I can't do this! I can't stop him! Why did this fall on me? I am not strong enough! He's won, he beat me, he controlled everything!

She is shouting in hopelessness.

Larry tries to consol her.

Larry: Selene that's not true!

Selene looks up at him having anger return to her eyes.

Selene: True? Well I don't need to prove it's the truth. I am not even getting to get the chance! I can't stop this thing. I can't! I couldn't stop it and now she's gone!

Larry: But you're still alive!"

Selene: So what? I am alive! More time to feel like this?

She asks incredulously

Selene: Nyssy died because she was my friend!"

*Pause* Selene's eyes widen.

-Flash half second of Marks grin-

See Selene's point of view as she looks around the room at the people in it (reactions?).

Slowly she walks towards the end of the room far from the door.

Selene: You need...to leave.

Larry appears emotional as he realizes what she is planning to do. He says almost unsurely angrily.

Larry: What?

Selene: Get out!

Selene is breathing hard inching closer to her goal. Hynry sees out of the corner of his eye the sedation lock is off. His eyebrows rise as he looks to the floor and folds his arms. She is already there.

Making no noise except for the raise of a gun hammer, Selene points the sedation gun at Larry and shoots him. His look of shock starts to fade; sluggishly he rips out the dart from his chest and falls to his knees reaching out to Selene.

Larry: No! Don't go in there!
His eyelids get heavy as he falls to his hands.

Larry: please,

Larry falls to his side. His eyes try to focus on Selene as tears well and they close.

Everyone is still watching in horror, as if watching their friend commit suicide.

Terner steps forward.

Terner: Selene, no.

Selene's looks up from Larry's face, eyes full of tears. Still standing strong, she moves her gun to Terner.

Selene: It's my fault!

She pulls the trigger hitting Terner. His eyes widen as he shakes his head trying to fight it.

Then she hits Hynry. His knees weaken and he falls to the floor followed by Terner.

Ereby speaks up still holding him self around the torso with red eyes.

Ereby: Nyssy would stop you from doing this you know.

Selene: I know she would.

Ereby then realizes something and closes his eyes.

Selene: She would stop you guys too.

She shoots Ereby, and then runs over to catch him, as he doesn't struggle to break his fall.

She lowers him down slowly and starts to cry.

Selene: I don't want to do this to you in there. (Signifying Nyssy's death)

She kisses Ereby's forehead as she holds is in her lap, then sets it down gently. She gets up and starts walking towards the barrier. On the way she kneels down next to Larry, she turns him on his back and caresses the side of his face. Holding back her tears she slowly places a soft kiss on his lips. She keeps her eyes closed as she puts her hand on his heart, feeling it beat, she gets up.

Selene stares at the treatment room, then to the skylight showing the night sky.

Selene: Nyssy, I would have stopped you too,

Trying to feel her presence she says softer and with full of guilt.

Selene: I would have stopped you too. I sorry, I'm so sorry.

Selene: I'll stop him I promise!

Selene yells.

Taking one last look at her friends on the floor, she steps through the barrier to the ignition room. Dropping the gun as she passes through.
(Dream title)

Selene stands there staring up at the black, tears still visible, she screams louder then ever with pure rage and hatred.

Selene: I am sure you're happy now!

There is a slight pause only hearing Selene's heavy breathing.

Mark: You do continue to please me.

She hears his voice chuckle for a small time. Selene closes her eyes and asks in soft amazed disbelief.

Selene: How can you exist?

She gathers rage on the non-existence of Nyssy and Marks constant life.

Selene: Why?

Selene yells,

Selene: Why do you exist this way?

Mark: Mine is not of existence!

He materializes before her.

Mark: Humans exist! I am solely a purpose! One ongoing purpose that watches existence powerless!

He regains composition.

Mark: Do you think its because I lack your insignificant friends?

Mark smiles, nearly sickening Selene.

Mark: What I am getting is beyond existence, and it is beyond purpose.

Selene seems to still be in disbelief. Mark almost says to him self.

Mark: No one has that but the assigner.

Mark grins again,

Mark: Assigner is the one who deserves all your thanks. Giving it to me is just as wrong as you sentencing your friend to a fruitless death.

Selene's eyes brighten with anger as her body blurs keeping her from responding. The dream comes into focus.

She grunts as if she was going to lunge at Mark. But stops and feels the weight of two guns in holsters on her hips.
She takes them out then puts them back in.

Selene: Nighty, night.


Selene: Everyone gets tired of what their life is.

Her Anger rises to her surface and explodes.

Selene: You...You got stuck in it and dragged us with you!

Selene smiles to give mark his first feeling of terror.

Selene: A cry for help Mark.

Selene takes his staff, as he watches in horrific disbelief.

Selene: Help granted.

She smashes the orb cage on a (see dream map) and the cage shatters. The orb levitates free and stretches its light.
Dreams come in and out of focus.

Mark: No! If I gain equality your heir will be the one to suffer!

Selene: huh.

She shrugs nonchalantly

Selene: Guess I'll hafta save it for some one who can handle it.

Marks look of horror turns to pain as he struggles trying to keep hold of his abilities.

Mark: No! It was my only hope!

Selene: Oh don't worry, you have a little existence on your hands, and life, you'll be glad to know, is full of hope.

(It was my only chance < Mark,..Life is full of second chances < Selene????)

Mark begins to scream in agony as his last essence is sucked into the orb levitating above Selene's palm. He is left curled upon the floor. Selene looks sorrowfully at him.

Selene: I know you wont have any. (I know you wont take one<???)


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