"The Maintainer" — Movie Depictions

---Opening movie-----

Cut to a non-REM room, the frame is focused on one of the unknown sources of light reaching the floor. Hearing it approaching, a giant white ball comes flying at the screen, making a whooshing sound as at cuts to Selene dodging it, having it go over her head. See her stand back upright and turn around to watch it keep going on its path with a perplexed look on her face. After a moment she hears a, high-pitched, bass filled boom and she watches the white sphere fly the other direction a few feet in front of her.
As she watches it the camera pans looking down on her and zooms out. The ball goes across the bottom of the screen, still making the same sound when it comes back.
Selene is looking back and fourth as we see two large white rectangles on opposite sides of the room bouncing the ball back and fourth.
Selene realizes what she is in the middle of. She is standing in the middle of the light source and is facing the camera. She smiles and laughs looking up, from behind the white sphere flies into her back, her arms throw out to the sides as the shocked look on her face disappears. Fade out to white. Selene is jolted awake in bed; face is in the frame on her pillow.

(Play fast paced song through out-yet to pick-)
Cut to scene of her driving in a jeep, she is passing a park with children playing; it's a sunny day in the spring. Swish too her picking up Nyssy and Ereby, just show them coming out their front door, Nyssy waves and is smiling putting on her sunglasses, Ereby is standing at the doormat still, he seems sleepy, Nyssy grabs his arm and pulls him towards the camera. Show Selene honking her horn repeatedly laughing.
Cut to the three walking into a large scene where a crowd of people watching an extreme sport event. Cut to the group getting closer, they arrive in the front row of a section of seats. They become unfocused as a person riding a trick bike flies across the camera doing a 360. Swish to Larry waiting on a platform with helmet in hand. He is watching the rider intently, he sees Selene and the other two in the stands cheering, he stretches tall and waves his arm in the air. Renewed he starts cheering for the rider that rides up next to him on the platform completed his run. He takes off his helmet and receives a slap on the back and fist hits with Larry. Larry points to the stands speaking in his ear pointing out the others. Terner sees them and the rest of the audience; he throws his fists up and punches the air. Hear crowd noise.
Cut too Selene running up behind Larry in the waiting dock, placing a hand on his shoulder, see Larry turn his head smiling.

Swish too the group coming through the front door In Larry and Terner's Apartment, Terner is caring a trophy, Nyssy jumps up behind him and grabs over his shoulders to grab the trophy. She runs off trough the room laughing. Ereby rolls his eyes walking over to switch on the TV. Larry starts to run after her but Selene holds him back by the arm. In the back ground you see Terner beginning to catch up to Nyssy's running around the apartment, he smirks as he gets a hand on the trophy while she is taunting him with it.
At that moment the music stops and the bass filled slow knocks on the door are heard.
Every one pauses and looks at the door. Seeing Larry still caught in the arm by Selene, with Nyssy and Terner out of focus in the back round. Selene lets go of Larry and opens the door, in slow motion the door swings open and Hynry is standing there, breath cloud leaves his mouth, as it is nighttime and cold. Go to real time.

Before anyone can take a breath, the dream station materializes in place of the apartment and Ereby falls to the ground since he was sitting on the couch. The group lets out a surprised shriek.

Every one is looking around furiously, Selene attaches to Larry's side as if to keep him there, Nyssy and Terner drop the trophy, Terner is looking around then sees Hynry again and runs over to him as Nyssy is helping up Ereby. Larry goes to follow Terner as he runs past. Hynry calmly walks behind a command console and starts to put some data into the unit. Just before Terner runs up against the console ready to grab Hynry around the neck followed by Larry, going to stop him, Hynry speaks out.

Earnestly Hynry speaks not looking up from what he is doing.

Hynry: Sorry about that.

Terner pauses, but is stopped from jumping on Hynry by Larry holding him back.

Terner: Who the hell are you?

Terner yells but Hynry is not paying attention, he seems to be looking at Selene and inputting data into his computer. Larry notices this and starts showing anger. He takes a step forward. Hynry smiles.

Hynry: Easy Larry.

See Selene's look of surprise at Hynry's usual business tone as he spoke.

Hynry finishes what he is doing and starts to walk to the lounge. Hands in his sweatshirt pouch.

Hynry: You guys can follow me. I'll help you out with understanding what's going on.

He speaks as if he has known them for half their lives.

The group watches as he enters the next room. They look at each other and gather near Selene in the center.

Hynry pops his head out from the door and looks at them.

Hynry: Come on if I wanted to hurt you you'd be hurt already, I mean if I can move this place in a blink of an eye I am sure I can break a few legs. It's getting late.
Slowly the group seems to be getting drawn to the room cautiously. Larry and Terner are in front.

Hynry is standing on the edge of the room next to a vending machine. He waits till they all enter the doorway.

Hynry: Okay, This is the dream station we need to stay in here at all times and not touch anything out side this room until I say.

The group stares at him. Ereby yawns just slightly, but quickly shakes it off.

Hynry: And no sleeping.

Selene: How long are you keeping us here?

Hynry: Don't be afraid, nothing can hurt you here. In fact we have a treatment room just in case something happens.

Terner and Larry look at each other, silently seeming to plan an attack. With them in view and Selene on the side, watch her as her eyes widen and she freezes any motion. She takes in a gasp. The group looks at her.

Hynry: see you when you get back.

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