"The Maintainer" — Game Story and Prelog

"The Maintainer"

Maintainers keep the dream world from entering the physical world.

The dream world is kept at energy slightly below the energy of the physical world.

But some dreams over thousands of years have occurred at a slightly higher energy then they did before, that increase in energy builds up to form a floating wandering mass.
When a Maintainer is chosen, he or she has their life swallowed by the mass.
The mass draws the maintainer's physical world into his or her dream world.

If the dream world manages to end the maintainer's physical world then any creature that dreams will be drawn into a world it can't control, a dream world.

Why is energy sometimes slightly higher? Who instated the mass?

Since humans began to dream a "god" was appointed to keep the healthy mental balance between dreams and reality.

"Mark" - Morpheus - grew tired ruling over a world with no substance or impact on mankind. He managed the dream world so well he believed he could carry his influence to the physical world and make it all the better.

But "The Assigner." Made a command that once you rule and dwell in the dream world all grasps on reality slip away.

Outraged that he would never be respected in reality, where the main world existed
'In the physical', and be forced to watch pitiful human dreams. He strived to turn the entire physical world to the dream world and to manage it as he saw fit, better then history could attest. (Cleo)

In order not to be locked away from controlling dreams if caught, he began the building of "The Mass" A dream could naturally re-occur but when the moment was right, Mark set the command that when it does, its energy is raised a small fraction, the small fraction becomes his "Mass" his gate.

Knowing he will come against the human "Maintainer", A final "Chaos handle" set by "The Assigner", Mark would defeat the maintainer carefully, surgically, and at any cost.

To gain control of the physical world and guide it in the dream world as he saw fit.

Little known by him, the smaller amounts of energy put into dreams was what made it controlable.

Even when told this he still believes he is strong enough to control any energy, all energy.

Mark wants to defeat the maintainer (i.e. Selene) to open the gateway of his dream world to control the physical and take its place, he will be the major and only influence "And rightly so!"

"Who, after experiencing all the dreams, filled with hopes, fears, anger, sadness, happiness, life, and death could be better suited to controlling existence and rules as humanity knows them?"

"But, you can't! No one can!"

"Then I am No One!"


Phobet - Phantas

Selene - Main - Moon
Larry - Main partner - Love - protect descendants and homes
Terner - Boundaries

Nyssy - night -
^ Siblings v
Ereby - dark -

Cleo - History - Knows all/inspiring
Memosyne - memory - carries Cleo's orders
Hynry - sleep - Tech staff


----Pre- plat former----

The dream station is going out of focus, but the group ignores this. Larry goes to touch Selene but there is a golden glowing boundary around her and it reflects his hand.
Larry looks at her in terror. But before anyone can act, the barrier disappears and Selene reflexes by her eyes closing and falling onto her hands.

Selene: Eh, what?

Selene shakes her head, trying to wake her self up. Nyssy and Larry help her up. Selene is holding her forehead.

Selene: What's going on?

Terner: I don't like this.

Nyssy looks at Terner thinking he should be a little more concerned about Selene. He doesn't notice. Nyssy looks to Selene.

Nyssy: You okay? Somethin' freaky happened to you.

Selene: I feel it, its like you guys shouldn't be here....

Larry looks at Nyssy, they are clueless.

Selene assures them that she is ok to stand.

Ereby is looking around the darkness and bumps into Terner. It doesn't catch him off guard, but Ereby mumbles a nervous sorry. Larry finishes glancing around.

Larry: I don't think there is a way out of this. Did you feel that barrier that was around you?

Selene: Sort of, it was like when you're in a dream, sometimes you can't move, but you can still see. It was really creepy.

Ereby: I think that guy with the blue hair did this, but he didn't seem like he wanted to hurt us.

At that moment bits of Phantas, Phobet, and Mark fade in and out of the Non-REM. Selene is the only one who sees this, she points forward but before the others can follow her direction they freeze as the dream starts coming into focus.


Game saves can be made either:
Any moment, any place except unstable positions (crouching, laying down, jumping, hanging, running, walking, driving fast, scenes playing out, conversations and some small others.)
Certain places Hynry has put an icon to sometimes warn of danger. these are special communicate stations as well, talk to characters here?
Before and after stages
Before going into dreams
After dreams heading to dream station
At dream station
After completing the game?

- Captions can be turned on or off, they are white lettering outlined in black, no character specs unless they are off screen or there are more then one.

- Dual shock can be turned on or off

- Adjust screen brightness and location

- Game pauses goes to same pause screen, options, saves, stats, etc...

-2 two path scenarios
Play as Larry searching for Selene until he gets injured
Play as Selene until she reaches injured Larry

At one point in the dream Selene must help Larry through a level. He is wounded and cannot walk on his own, (left or right leg?) Selene must help him through the level.
He can fire a gun, but just a hand gun (have user decide?)
Player can have Larry sit, stand, or lean some where to investigate aspects solo
He will try to hide from enemies
His arm around Selene's shoulder, she will have one hand occupied. She will be able to fire a gun helping him along.
They can only run fast at risk of injuring him further
He tries not to be a burden knowing they must escape
Hold down a button to assist
Have enemies or Phobet go after Larry?


While racing, Selene can order Nyssy to fire weapons at other cars. Or Selene can fire weapons while Nyssy drive and takes orders, (up to player)
Terner and Ereby are in a helicopter, they can give information, and support. (Possibly in the case that an enemy car gets out of range they fly in to Direct.)
Map available for "streets"

---- Stages----

REM sleep is when the dream takes place
Non-REM sleep is the period of time when the characters are in a "black" area where they are lighted but there is no light. (Appears to be from above)
Non- REM sleep can happen before or after a dream
In Non-REM sleep the characters are in their normal dress.

----Music Director (???)-----

Have special option screen and/or Level that has player determine which pre mixed song or music score to use with the dream.
After they beat the game?
Pre game start quiz having game engine calculate personality matches for the number of pre mixed songs.
Have plain musical score, 3 or 4 song choices, (just sound effects?)

----Dream ignition---

Selene's dream ignition can happen one of 3 ways.
If she is in the lounge, Hynry can send her into ignition
If she walks through the dream ignition barrier in the main dream station room
If she is given a shot with the sedation gun
However, when Selene enters Dream ignition, she always goes through a period of freeze. If she is walking through the dream ignition barrier it happens while in the barrier, saving time and keeping her alert in non-REM.


Before each Non-REM stage starts, the Dream title is displays in the center of the screen, play music that's been chosen for level. Change font?


Mark (Morpheus) - His eyes are black and always fierce. His face is pale white and gaunt but doesn't resemble a skeleton. He appears to be in his early thirties. Black hair (around two inches) spikes like a frozen current against rapids. It appears that he has an eternal five-o'clock shadow. Strong cheek and jawbones define his face and head. His teeth are strait but all are just pointy enough to notice. He is taller then Larry and Terner. Some moments he can levitate. He is more muscular then Terner in a "god-like" way- meaning less definition, more chiseled.

Most times he is seen already in "dream-garb" but he can be depicted with a dark red mahogany staff that holds an a silver/white orb in a vertical rectangle "cage" near the top. He is wearing a chain sash in which the large chain links are made of a dark gray/purple smoke or mist. A dark robe-like vest covers his torso and the same smoke life mist covers the length of his legs (separately) and over lap his heels. He wears sandals that have a flat rectangle slap of black marble for the base and strips of marble magically bent to curve around his feet.

Terner (Terminus) - (20 yrs) He has Light/golden blond hair and tan skin. He has hazel eyes. His hair is no more than 1/2 inch in length. His chin and jaw line is un-shaved and shows a short bristle. His lips are thin so he doesn't have to grimace as much when clinching his teeth. No features on his face stand out, it is full but plain. He is the most muscular, but the (red? Brown? Blue?) Baggy cargo pants he wears hide his legs. He has a fitting t-shirt that has a white symbol (details). Wears brown work boots with black ties.

Ereby (Erebus) - (17 yrs) A light yellow flannel t-shirt is always unbuttoned to reveal a slightly loose fitting white t-shirt and "denim" jeans that cover a small but athletic brother of "Nyssy (Nyx)". His body is lean and he is the shortest of the group. He can look tired and disheveled. His pale light brown eyes don't help him in appearing less jittery. He has dark hair that appears to be a "dulled" black it grows short all over "Caesar do". He has larger head but his face is thin. His skin is a pasty gray not a pale white like Mark. Wears black sneakers.

Nyssy (Nyx) - (19 yrs) Has the same gray complexion as Ereby but her skin glows slightly and isn't as shadowy. She has bangs that came down just over her eyebrows and divided every 1/2 inch or so. Her hair is light black but shines with movement. It is long and strait, It can be braided in the back, mid torso, or let down in the back and pinned up on the sides. She is slightly bigger then Ereby in height and has slightly more muscle but is still slender.

She wears light silver jeans that shimmer. A dark purple/blue undertone shirt either long sleeve or tank. Her eyes are bold, strong blue. Her lips don't naturally pout but are not as thin as Terner's. Her shoes are plat formed sneakers that are tied with no apparent bow and are dark navy velvet with yellow or white stitching. She has pure blue eyes.

Larry (Lares) - (19 yrs) Brown (black?) hair juts out an inch in front but is the same 1-inch clean-cut length all over. Black short facial hair surrounds his mouth. He has Strong dark brown eyes, caring, never overbearing and somewhat vulnerable. He isn't orange tan like Terner but light tan/beige. His face forces you to concentrate on his mouth and his eyes at the same time. Denim jacket, black (white?) t-shirt. Khakis? Dark black/olive jeans, wallet chains (2) leading from back belt loop to front pocket. He wears dark tan sneakers with black diagonal stripes (four).

Hynry (Hypnos) - Always wears sunglasses, small dark ovals that cover and are close to his eyes (no eyelashes?). He has spiky indigo blue hair and a choker around his neck that is pewter with closed white-eye symbols and black open ones. He has incredibly white strait teeth. He wears a white pocket hooded sweatshirt. His skin is light mocha but he has no racial definition. He has a very square face he is about the height of Nyssy. He wears indigo blue baggy pants around his waste to match his hair; they are too big for him but are held up by black drawstrings. He has black combat boots on. Just the heel sole and toe viewable. He appears to be in his early twenties.

Selene (Selenè) - (19yrs) light straw blond hair, she has pale tan skin, and solid aqua-blue eyes. Her face is slender and well defined. Her hair is no longer then her shoulders, it is layered so bits can hang in the front of her face. It can be tied back in a bunch that has strands sticking out all over. She is just about the same height as Nyssy. She wears white shoes that show no tie. She has dark denim form fitting jeans on that low rise. The cuffs cover her ankle and stop at the heel and mid way down her foot. She wears a white blouse that buttons up to mid chest and sleeves lead down to just below her wrists. You can see a small triangle of black tank top covering the middle of her chest.


"The Maintainer"

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