"The Maintainer" — Story Map

Maintainers keep the dream world from entering the physical world.

The dream world is kept at energy slightly below the energy of the physical world.

But some dreams over thousands of years have occurred at a slightly higher energy then they did before, that increase in energy builds up to form a floating wandering mass.
When a Maintainer is chosen, he or she has their life swallowed by the mass.
The mass draws the maintainer's physical world into his or her dream world.

If the dream world manages to end the maintainer's physical world then any creature that dreams will be drawn into a world it can't control, a dream world.

Why is energy sometimes slightly higher? Who instated the mass?

Since humans began to dream a "god" was appointed to keep the healthy mental balance between dreams and reality.

"Mark" - Morpheus - grew tired ruling over a world with no substance or impact on mankind. He managed the dream world so well he believed he could carry his influence to the physical world and make it all the better.

But "The Assigner." Made a command that once you rule and dwell in the dream world all grasps on reality slip away.

Outraged that he would never be respected in reality, where the main world existed
'In the physical', and be forced to watch pitiful human dreams. He strived to turn the entire physical world to the dream world and to manage it as he saw fit, better then history could attest. (Cleo)

In order not to be locked away from controlling dreams if caught, he began the building of "The Mass" A dream could naturally re-occur but when the moment was right, Mark set the command that when it does, its energy is raised a small fraction, the small fraction becomes his "Mass" his gate.

Knowing he will come against the human "Maintainer", A final "Chaos handle" set by "The Assigner", Mark would defeat the maintainer carefully, surgically, and at any cost.

To gain control of the physical world and guide it in the dream world as he saw fit.

Little known by him, the smaller amounts of energy put into dreams was what made it controlable.

Even when told this he still believes he is strong enough to control any energy, all energy.

Mark wants to defeat the maintainer (i.e. Selene) to open the gateway of his dream world to control the physical and take its place, he will be the major and only influence "And rightly so!"

"Who, after experiencing all the dreams, filled with hopes, fears, anger, sadness, happiness, life, and death could be better suited to controlling existence and rules as humanity knows them?"

"But, you can't! No one can!"

"Then I am No One!"

If the maintainer defeats Mark, the maintainer can take his place.

Larry could never stand Selene being removed from the physical world. (Him or her idea?)

Sequels? -
"trainer" to
a "Mark?"
"seeker" for
a "Mark."?
"gods of day?"

Multiple endings? -
  Larry ending?
    Selene ending?
      Nyssy ending?


"The Maintainer"

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