"The Maintainer" — Characters

##### Character Maps

Mark (Morpheus) - His eyes are black and always fierce. His face is pale white and gaunt but doesn't resemble a skeleton. He appears to be in his early thirties. Black hair (around two inches) spikes like a frozen current against rapids. It appears that he has an eternal five-o'clock shadow. Strong cheek and jawbones define his face and head. His teeth are strait but all are just pointy enough to notice. He is taller then Larry and Terner. Some moments he can levitate. He is more muscular then Terner in a "god-like" way- meaning less definition, more chiseled.

Most times he is seen already in "dream-catour" but he can be depicted with a dark red mahogany staff that holds an a silver/white orb in a vertical rectangle "cage" near the top. He is wearing a chain sash in which the large chain links are made of a dark gray/purple smoke or mist. A dark robe-like vest covers his torso and the same smoke life mist covers the length of his legs (separately) and over lap his heels. He wears sandals that have a flat rectangle slap of black marble for the base and strips of marble magically bent to curve around his feet.

Terner (Terminus) - He has Light/golden blond hair and tan skin. He has hazel eyes. His hair is no more than 1/2 inch in length. His chin and jaw line is un-shaved and shows a short bristle. His lips are thin so he doesn't have to grimace as much when clinching his teeth. No features on his face stand out, it is full but plain. He is the most muscular, but the (red? Brown? Blue?) Baggy cargo pants he wears hide his legs. He has a fitting t-shirt that has a white symbol (details). Wears brown work boots with black ties.

Ereby (Erebus) - A gray long sleeve shirt and "denim" genes cover a small but athletic brother of "Nyssy (Nyx)". His body is lean and he is the shortest of the group. He can look tired and disheveled. His pale light brown eyes don't help him in appearing less jittery. He has dark hair that appears to be a "dulled" black it grows short all over "Caesar doo". He has larger head but his face is thin. His skin is a pasty gray not a pale white like Mark. Wears black sneakers.

Nyssy (Nyx) - Has the same gray complexion as Ereby but her skin glows slightly and isn't as shadowy. She has bangs that came down just over her eyebrows and divided every 1/2 inch or so. Her hair is light black but shines with movement. It is long and strait, I t can be braided in the back, mid torso, or let down in the back and pinned up on the sides. She is slightly bigger then Ereby in height and has slightly more muscle but is still slender.

She wears light silver jeans that shimmer. A dark purple/blue undertone shirt either long sleeve or tank. Her eyes are bold, strong blue. Her lips don't naturally pout but are not as thin as Terner's. Her shoes are plat formed sneakers that are tied with no apparent bow and are dark navy velvet with yellow or white stitching.

Larry (Lares) - Brown (black?) hair juts out an inch in front but is the same 1-inch clean-cut length all over. Black short facial hair surrounds his mouth. He has Strong dark brown eyes, caring, never overbearing and somewhat vulnerable. He isn't orange tan like Terner but light tan/bage. His face forces you to concentrate on his mouth and his eyes at the same time. Denim jacket, black (white?) t-shirt. Khakis? Dark black/olive jeans, wallet chains (2) leading from back belt loop to front pocket. He wears dark tan sneakers with black diagonal stripes (four).

Hynry (Hypnos) - Always wears sunglasses, small dark ovals that cover and are close to his eyes (no eyelashes?). He has spiky indigo blue hair and a choker around his neck that is pewter with closed white-eye symbols and black open ones. He has incredibly white strait teeth. He wears a white pocket hooded sweatshirt. His skin is light mocha but he has no racial definition. He has a very square face he is about the height of Nyssy. He wears indigo blue baggy pants around his waste to match his hair; they are too big for him but are held up by black drawstrings. He has black combat boots on. Just the heel sole and toe viewable.

Selene (Selenà) - light shiny brown hair, she has pale tan skin, and solid aqua-blue eyes. Her face is slender and well defined. Her hair is no longer then her shoulders, is layered so bits can hang in the front of her face. It can be tied back in a bunch that has strands sticking out all over. She is just about the same height as Nyssy. She wears white shoes that show no tie. She has bark denim form fitting jeans on that low rise. The cuffs cover her ankle and stop at the heel and mid way down her foot. She wears a white blouse that buttons up to mid chest and sleeves lead down to just below her wrists. You can see a small triangle of black tank top covering the middle of her chest. She wears a necklace, through the entire game, (details)

##### Relationship Maps

Phobet - Phantas


Selene - Main - Moon
Larry - Main partner - Love - protect descendants and homes
Terner - Boundaries

Nyssy - night -
^ Siblings v
Ereby - dark -

Cleo - History - Knows all/inspiring
Memosyne - memory - carries Cleo's orders
Hynry - sleep - Tech staff

Larry and Selene are the same height in the natural world, but with some different dreams, their and the whole cast stats can change with "costume" and "character" change in dreams.

Nyx/Nyssy - Though most of the story is partial to the background action, "she is just there to look to look after Selene." So it seems, she looks after all of them in some fashion, Selene does as well, but because Selene's future is "uncertain", Nyssy is the permanent giving heart.

Ereby - is more concerned with his sister, spending time looking after Selene, instead of concern for his friends, he has fear of Mark for his friends, but he still has courage for the right moments.

Terner- Larry talks him into helping them. He trusts Larry and vice-versa.
Knows <rough past) how to fight his dreams, how to fight what is happening, but he doesn't, by-far know everything.

"You're always telling me to fight what's after me! Help us!" Larry


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