"The Maintainer" — Level Maps

Stealth- Solid Cell Filters And Painful Life

-"Solid cells", real life being "filtered" by the dream. (ex. Larry getting shot)
-Find mechanics, "Try" to shut it down.
-"Fight" machine, but dreams cannot be created, but manipulated.
-Play mechanics:

    • Moves of splinter cell
    • Game engine of third person <lights and shadow
    • SF action and shooting. RE section, HL shooting, MP shooting
    • Help Larry through majority of level via ICO like support system (work out details)
-Major event:
    • Kill Phobet, discover no hellish child hood behind the "mask"
-Make joke about large breasts?

RPG- The III Saga of the Fantasy Kingdom

-"We (heart) Roman numerals."
-Space "ship" coal operated, but nothing other then swords.
-FF interface, but every player "plays", some get more then one fight.
-Build story around conventional battle system
-No running around for "there are 125 books with blue covers...." "Oh hell no."
-Blow off the old amnesia man looking for missing dragonflies that are colored to reveal hidden scrolls.
-"Ship" holds database library of dreams/activity.
-Character development.
-Character association:

    • Selene: Sorceress /summoner "isn't this a little cliché?" (Sees Larry) "Oh ok." <standing corrected.
    • Larry: Selene summon
    • Terner: Zelda/maximo/imbaressing knight?
    • Ereby: black mage/summoner "I see what you mean."
    • Nyssy (Nynx): Ereby summon.
-"Do you want rain?"
    • The ship is constantly suffering a heavy down pour, (cue thunder and lightening at appropriate points in the area and conversation. Things are slippery but important clues are washed "in front" of the characters feet.
    • Show characters being soaked with sagging clothes and wet hair, have ability to dry then show hair being pressed down by rain.
    • Ereby slips a lot, (vivi)
    • Books repel water with an invisible sphere.
    • Rain monsters" "
    • Can't use fire spells
    • Few areas where flooding is a problem "of coarse we can swim
-"Do you want wind?"
    • The ship is in a state of constant wind, tornados at crucial points, some slapped in the face, others chased.
    • Pages don't turn in wind
    • Hair and clothes move and flattened with the wind
    • No wind spells
    • Wind monsters
    • Ereby does something else?
    • Can find shelter
    • Majority of the wind can be with stood, few areas where it is to strong

Fighter- Mortal Street Tag

- Hynry - "I want a turn to kick some ass." - Personal skill of character - Obscene combo - Special moves when teamed - Personal drive of fighter - Man power Vs. mind power "beat down" - Mind over physical X join mind and physical - Build story around team battles - Teams: o Selene and Larry o Nyssy and Terner o Ereby and Hynry - At end of level, Nyssy is killed by Phantas's attack that mysteriously "breaks the barrier" Terner kills Phantas - At end of level, Terner is killed by Phantas's attack that mysteriously "breaks the barrier" Nyssy kills Phantas

Plat former- Jack Crashed Ray

- Build story around side kick - Hott "sidekick" - Collect Ray particles "easily", know where the exact place of each particle is, but the challenge is getting there. Many obstacles. No back tracking. - Ray was scattered across a giant dream like landscape (whose ray?) - Classic moves - Weapons that are helpful and tactical - Carts " " - Monkeys with hats on their butts are laughed at and shot - Takes characters energy and endurance - "Uncontrollable" dreams - A distraction for Selene as Mark sets a subtle trap down the line - (Intro?) - Mark captures Larry? - Battle Large Mech ("excuse me, that's a transformer") After "defeating" each body part to save party members. o

Shooters are mindless inter twined? Somewhere?

Racing- Speed Auto of the Twisted Turismo Carts

- Crash and burn factor - Cops chase an illegally weaponized character - Road fighting /illegal races - Some car stealing if they are sweet "of coarse" - Characters strategize - Racing power ups - Build story around police blocks and squad cars

Order play out:

6 in all + 1 or 2 for intro and end

"Go To Bed."
0 - Intro, small foreshadow, Foresee end? (details)

"Jack Crashed Ray."
1- Plat former - sunny snow forest? Concrete alleys?

"Speed Auto of the Twisted Turismo Carts"
2 - Racing - "streets" of theme park, ("jaws"?) roller coaster

"The III Saga Of The Fantasy Kingdom."
3 - RPG - Coal operated large space ship

"Mortal Street Tag."
4 - Fighter - Dusk - soccer field? Play ground? "Dry" Green house?

"Solid Cell Filters And Painful Evil Life."
5 - Stealth/shooter - basements (five star hotel?), Italian food market with street vendors, Marble conference hall

"Wake Up."
6 - End Final - cornfield? Traffic jam? Super market? Bank? Post office? School?

In-between some dreams there is a small session where the player can explore the dream station and talk to characters. Look at dream records; see stats for mini games, and other extras like saved game file manager, Movie Theater to see key events, and maybe a character log?

---End level---

Selene simply has to stay alive, surviving Marks attempt to drive her to danger, insanity, and hopelessness. Sees ghosts? Has to relive bad moments?


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