Karrli was a gifted writer. Some of her work she shared with us during her life, but much of her work was found only after her death, written in her notebooks or typed into files on her laptop computer. Some of the computer files could be accessed, but some were password protected.

Her computer also contained a warning to anyone who might be "spying" on her computer. It seems to have been partly addressed to a potential laptop computer thief, and partly addressed to anyone who would access her computer in the event of her death:

SPYING IN MY DOCUMENTS — read this first

Any of my files I don't want you to see are password protected.
But if you do manage to get by that by some means, which would be low and dirty unless I'm dead, you should know something.

Some stories I write, some I download, they are all written by someone who loves to express and fantasize. My work is the product of my imagination and my love to fantasize.

But if your goal in life is to mock and tease, then I can't stop you,
You have to be strong enough to stop that on your own.

As Karrli said, getting past her password security "would be low and dirty unless I'm dead." We decided to purchase a program that can crack any password for Word documents. The program had to struggle for two solid days to decipher her password. As the program tried billions of possible passwords it displayed them all. Played out on the computer screen endlessly, it was as if Karrli was engaging in a battle of brains and will against a computer, fighting feistily against the inevitable, as she always did.

After two days the password was cracked, it was "blackl". "Blackl" stood for "Black Lab", or Lily, our neighbor's beloved Black Labrador Retriever. This was confirmed when we used the password to access Karrli's computer game reviews on the PlayStation web site. Karrli had provided a password "reminder." The word was "Lily."

Karrli's fiction includes the incredible reincarnation story about the journey of a teenage girl through multiple reincarnations towards perfection: The Body Awakens. It also includes several pieces of "fan fiction" with new adventures for characters from the Pokémon animated series.

More fiction writing can be found in the scenario and movie scripts she wrote for her video game "The Maintainer."




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