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Karrli's favorite Teen Titans character was Raven. She had several Raven soundbytes on her laptop computer, from the episode "Final Exam."

The web site http://wf.toonzone.net/WF/teentitans/bios/ has biographies and images of the Teen Titans characters. Here is the description of Raven's character:

With a mystical power over inanimate objects, Raven is the most mysterious of the Teen Titans. Under her grim and sarcastic demeanor this puzzling Titans member is of invaluable aid to the team. With an unusual love for the dark and creepy (especially horror flicks and haunted houses), Raven often prefers the comfort of being alone and retreats to the comforting emptiness of her room in times of leisure. While not grim to the point of depressing, her more passive nature provides balance to a team of lively and often hyperactive members. While Raven often exudes creepy vibes and never hesitates to give her fellow team members a piece of her mind she is still a supportive and caring member of the group.

Raven controls her power by maintaining a calm state of mind and restraining her emotions. When Beast Boy and Cyborg took a trip into her mind, they realized that behind Raven's calm exterior there lie many conflicting emotions and identities, including an "angry raven" that is represented by her father, Trigon. She often uses meditation to pacify her mind and keep her multi-faceted identity in check.

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Raven: No Remote

Raven: A Useless Device

Raven: Ordering Pizza

Raven: We Cannot Change the Truth

Raven: We Need to Control Our Emotions

Raven: They Went Into My Room


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